Basarai is the author of two fiction books. During eight years, he rented a room in the center of the Saint-Petersburg. Within this period, he was very deeply interested in various sciences such as astrology and astronomy as well as esoteric teachings, philosophy, and alchemy. He was fond of the art and classical music; for this reason, the creation of his manuscript was significantly affected by the works by such great composers as Wagner, Paganini and Vivaldi. According to him, when the night came, he turned on Paganini's violin, took a pen, and it led his hand without any his assistance.

Basarai did not identify himself with any religion. He considered Osho Rajneesh to be his teacher despite the fact that he had never been in his ashram. He enjoyed books and read a lot. For all the time he lived in the room, he collected a small library. It consists mostly of old second-hand books. Basarai was inspired by the works of such authors as Alisher Navoiy, Nizami Ganjavi, Mazuccio, Saketti, and Pushkin. Once, the biography of Frida Kahlo fell into his hands; later he said that this was the most interesting book he had ever read.

Basarai preferred loneliness to big crowd. According to him, he was very happy to walk outdoors and listen to woodnotes. For the first time, he outlined his manuscript in 2014 in Turkey at the Mediterranean shores.